G’day gift givers, today I was listening to a media report on the issues Samsung 7 phone owners are having with the recall of their phones.  Just a brief catch up on the subject, Samsung 7 phones are bursting into flames when they get too hot.  This is a big issue, clearly, not only with the fact you have a phone that will explode, but you cannot take it on a plane.  Anyway, I used to own a Samsung, until I decided that it wasn’t for me and went back to an apple phone, my first thought was thank god I don’t have one of these phones, and then I thought any of these big businesses could have a faulty product that was out of their control, but not all businesses have the policies, procedures and the brand trust that they have built up over time that makes their companies able to deal with any adversity that made happen.
This got me thinking about my business, we have a fantastic  5 star rating on Facebook that has built up over time because we have strict procedures that my team follow religiously, my belief is you cannot cut corners if you want the best outcome for not just your customer but for your business and staff too.  Let’s face it, no business wants to deal with unhappy customers, as I have a duty of care for my team, we analyse everything that has gone wrong in the past and ask ourselves “how can we do this better?” and go above and beyond to make it work.
Now, I'm not saying we are perfect! That is unachievable in my opinion, especially when we are relying on third party companies to not only deliver our hampers, but our suppliers to deliver the goodies that they have promised, and let me tell you … that it not an easy job managing them all.  So, like Samsung, all businesses can go through issues, but it’s the way it’s handled that is more important.
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