So yesterday we had an order from a company overseas for a guy that lived on the Gold Coast.  It had his name, address, and phone number but the address was missing the unit number.  So we contacted the biller for more information and we sent the recipient a text message (because no one answers the phone anymore) and received a text message back at 2.30pm with the unit number.. sweet! We sent it out that day and went home at 4.30pm.

The next morning, we came into the office to a text message back from the recipient to say “Oh I don’t live at that address anymore, I moved to blah blah” What!!!! He sent that message 4 hours after telling us the unit number! Another fun day in customer service!

Well, he ended up getting the gift, it was delivered to the old address and he walked there to retrieve it.  After 23 years doing this, I am still surprised at the things we have to deal with but I guess its dealing with humans!

When it comes to customer service, I believe that is more important than anything! Obviously, the gift must look beautiful and the products amazing, we already have that in hand.  What is more important to me, as a business owner is making sure the customer feels like they are number one! I don’t care if you spend $40 or $4000 dollars, you are all important, that is why we have a 1300 number and a team here to take phone calls and live chat so you get the best service.  So call us if you need advice or if you just want to check on one little thing, we are here to help.

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