Have you started thinking about what to get your employees and clients for Christmas this year? If not, don’t panic there is still time to get them a wonderful gift; it just might require you to think outside the box.
This year, instead of purchasing individual gifts for each and every employee, why not consider bulk ordering Christmas hampers from The Complete Basketcase. It is fast, fun, and simple.
Customisation is Possible with Corporate Gift Baskets by using our unique “Create your Own Hamper
People are reluctant to purchase corporate Christmas gift baskets for their employees because they feel they will be forced to pick from a limited selection. When you choose to order through The Complete Basketcase, you not only have a huge range of Christmas hampers to select from, but you will be able to customise your corporate Christmas gift baskets.
Wondering just how personalised we can get with your Christmas hampers? Here is a look at some of the things we can do with them.
Use Corporate or Business Logos in the Baskets
Chances are you don’t want to just hand over a basket filled with items to your employees or clients. You probably want to have something that identifies that corporate Christmas hampers as yours. We have a solution – incorporating corporate or business logos, names, or branding into the corporate Christmas hampers.
There are a number of ways you can incorporate a business logo or company slogan into a corporate Christmas gift hamper. Some ways to incorporate this include:
• Using specific company colours inside each gift hamper
• Tying the basket together with ribbon that has the company name/logo
• Placing cards or other items with the company name/logo inside each Christmas hamper
Pick and Choose Items for the Corporate Christmas Hampers
Unlike many places where you are stuck picking from a small menu of options, The Complete Basketcase allows you to have a wide range of items to choose from when creating corporate Christmas hampers.
You will be able to pick from wines and beers, teas and coffees, and cookies to fruits and crackers or cheeses. Our vast selection of items allows you to create meaningful, useful gift baskets that all your employees will enjoy.
In fact, we even have items that are used with our hampers for kids, which allow you to add some items that even your employees’ children will love!
Save When You Bulk Order Corporate Christmas Hampers for the Office
No one will pass up a chance to save money. Now, you can purchase beautiful Christmas gifts for the office and save money!
The Complete Basketcase offers a discount to any company or business that is purchasing items in bulk. The more corporate Christmas gift baskets you purchase the bigger the discount! This is especially great for companies that need to purchase 100, 200, or even 1,000 or more corporate Christmas hampers.
Don’t spend hours and hours shopping for individual gifts for each and every employee at your office. Stop by The Complete Basketcase and consider getting all your corporate Christmas shopping done at once with our bulk order option for corporate Christmas gift hampers. It will take you a few minutes and everyone will have unique Christmas gifts!
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