Mothers do a lot for us. From the time we were wee little lads and lasses, they helped us with our schoolwork, made sure we had food, clothing, and shelter, and of course provided us with unconditional love. As we get older we may be more independent, but that doesn't stop our mothers from worrying or loving us any less.
Considering all that our mothers do for us, it is no surprise that there is an entire day dedicated to honouring them. Mother's Day, which is celebrated on the second Sunday in May, is a day when we honour all those special women in our lives that are mothers, those that helped raise children, and even those that may be mothers in the future.
Seeing as Mother's Day is on the horizon, The Complete Basketcase decided to look into the history of this event.

A Brief History of Mother's Day

It may be surprising to know that Mother's Day dates back to 1924. A young woman named Janet Heyden started it.  Janet Heyden made it a habit to go and visit patients in a rest home known as Newington State Home for Women in Sydney. While she visited, she noticed that there were many women who were mothers that were left there – alone and forgotten.
In an effort to cheer up these forgotten mothers, Janet Heyden went around to local schools and various organisations to collect small gifts, such as flowers, cards, and sweets to give to the women. The idea of honouring these women became extremely popular and more and more people joined in.
The Modern Mother's Day
Things have changed since 1924. Businesses have commercialised this holiday, but the idea behind it is still the same. People all over Australia like to show their appreciation for their mothers, or women in their lives who are mothers.

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