G’day gift givers, this week our Weekly wrap may end up a little late in your inbox, why? Cause its school holidays and yesterday I was my son’s caddy in a golf tournament at Yarra Yarra golf course and they had to play two rounds… Yes that’s right I had to walk over 14 kms, and writing this wrap was not on the cards for me last night, foot massage please hubby!!

The last few years I have noticed a trend, we are all so busy and caught up in life that sometimes we get that awful feeling we forgot something.  You know that feeling, waking up and realising that it was your BF’s birthday yesterday, or you have just had breakfast with your husband, kissed him good bye to go to work, you get to work and remember it’s his birthday today!  Well, I think we should all just give ourselves a break and adopt the saying “It’s better late than never”

Most of the time we can help you send a gift quickly, it depends on the location.  Last year, I actually had a woman call me in the Melbourne office to say she had forgotten her husband’s birthday and I had to add balloons, a huge bow and make a fuss of him and pretend that it was all planned, of course it was a success and we now send her an email the week before to remind her and she plans ahead.
So everyone, the next couple of months is birthday season, September, October and November look up all those people in your life you need to send a birthday celebration gift to and plan ahead, or if you forget send a gift anyway, cause it’s the thought that counts .. Right!

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