Yeah, its true, we do make mistakes! I guess that is the trouble with being human :)
I thought I would confess to you all that we made a big boo-boo, it feels good to confess … right??
Last week I was printing off two gifts that we received at the same time, one from a regular customer whose 85 year old Mum was in rehab after some major surgery. The other from a young woman who is clearly in love, her gift basket was going to her boyfriend to tell him she missed him… Awwwhhh.
Guess what I did? I accidentally swapped the cards… OH NO!! well, I had no idea at the time of course, I was only made aware of it when my regular customer called to ask if her Mum had received the correct gift basket, as she was a bit confused as to who “Bear” was and why someone had put “Dear Bear, I miss you and love you xxx” Lucky for me, the 85 year old (let’s call her Bear) had a brilliant sense of humour, she called me still giggling and told me that she will now insist her family call her “Bear”.
So how do I handle the lovers? I have to admit I was freaking out a bit!
I eventually called the recipient of the Lovers gift (the real “Bear”) and told him not to read his card message, I certainly didn't want him to think he was being called a “Brave woman” by his girlfriend lol… thankfully, he had a great sense of humour as well, his girlfriend got a giggle out of it too.
So there you go, I have now confessed my big mistake last year, phew, it does feel good ! I have to say I won’t be doing that again :)
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