While keeping your mind and body stress-free to begin with would be nice, you can't always avoid stress. It happens to everyone. But you can deal with stress sooner rather than later, and de-stressing can take the strain off of your body and mind.

Here are five easy ways to de-stress, and give you ideas for pampering gift baskets to help you come up with that perfect de-stress solution for you to have on-hand.

  1. Yoga - It's not just for exercise - yoga is an easy way for you to relax with gentle movements, and refocuses your mind. Consider a towel, yoga mat, and relaxing CD to meditate to the sound of nature or soft music
  2. Take a Bath - the ultimate idea for pampering gift baskets, baths can be amazing ways to de-stress! A hot bath with bubbles, a relaxing scent (lavender, is a staple of aroma therapists for relaxation), and a loofa scrubber can be just what you need to relax with.
  3. Indulge a Little - indulging in a guilty pleasure in moderation can be beneficial as well, releasing happy hormones within your brain. A glass of wine or a single beer along with a bit of something to munch on while putting your feet up can be a quick stress reliever.
  4. Read - Getting out of your own head once in a while never hurt anyone. Read a good book and get transported to another world and away from your problems, just be sure not to be gone too long because they still need to be dealt with.
  5. Take a Walk - exercise in general can be beneficial for your health and help de-stress you all around. Taking your pup or just walking by yourself, enjoy a trip through the park and clear your mind alongside nature.

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