Collection: Get Well for Kids

Being sick or injured as an adult is never a pleasant time, but for a kid it can be completely deflating. They are often confined to bed, or housebound, and can feel cut off from their friends. This is a perfect time to buy them a get-well gift basket from The Complete Basketcase. We have tailored a wide range of get-well baskets to suit boys and girls, sweet lovers and toys lovers. For those clumsy ones in your clan who may have injured themselves, how about a get well gift basket featuring the clumsiest person on Earth: Mr Bump! For a sick girl, how about a ‘Sweet Street’ featuring lovable Zoe from Sesame Street? She comes complete with a delicious range of snacks and treats to cheer up any recipient. We have a gift basket for all types of kids, from cookies to fruit and learning to lollies! So if you are looking for that perfect pick-me-up gift for a sick child why not browse our range of get well gift baskets for kids? Delivery is by courier any time during the week or if you have a special delivery request you can contact out team to discuss your needs.