Many of us are so focused upon shopping and finding the best Easter gifts that we never stop to wonder why we are giving these gifts to our family, friends, and co-workers. Sure, we are giving it to them because the Easter holiday is upon us, but why is it celebrated?
The Complete Basketcase has always wondered why this holiday is celebrated. We love giving and preparing Easter gifts as much as you do, but we never stopped to think about why it is we are giving these baskets to others. We went on a quest for information and have decided to share that information with you.

The Somewhat Unknown Origin of Easter

While sifting through history books and research papers, we noticed there are several different theories regarding the origin of Easter. Most individuals believe that it is closely linked to the event detailed in the New Testament of the Bible. This event was the resurrection of Jesus Christ.
Some individuals believe the origin of Easter is a little different. These individuals believe it is a celebration of the spring season and vibrant fertility. This belief comes from the fact that the word 'Easter' derives from the word Eostre, who is a goddess of spring and fertility.

Different Ways to Celebrate Easter with Various Easter Gifts from The Complete Basketcase

Both theories are very different, but they all have one thing in common – celebration. Both versions of the holiday involve people gathering together to pass out Easter hampers and other Easter gifts to friends and family.
This year, finding Easter gifts has never been easier. The Complete Basketcase has a vast inventory of Easter hampers that will be sure to make everyone happy.
For those that love to eat traditional chocolate eggs and bunnies, there is certain to be an Easter gift basket for you. Favourite Easter gifts from The Complete Basketcase include the Easter Hamper Perfection, Easter Bunny Gift Basket, Easter Garden Hunt, and Chocolicious. All of these are packed full of chocolate and other sweet treats.
Unfortunately, not everyone enjoys chocolate eggs and rabbits. Some people prefer fine wines, cookies, fresh fruits, and nuts. Luckily, we have you covered when looking for Easter gifts for people like this.
The Complete Basketcase has dozens of hampers and gift baskets that don't contain chocolate and sweet treats. These baskets can be filled with anything from fine wines to coffees and teas, or fruits and nuts. We have a number of pre-made gift baskets that make for perfect Easter gifts or you can create your own and fill it with whatever treats and goodies you would like.
Shopping for Easter gifts this year is extremely easy. Just stop by The Complete Basketcase, browse our current inventory, and go shopping. It takes just a few minutes and you will be sure to find an Easter basket for everyone on your shopping list.
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