Tired of us telling you what to send to your recipient? Well now you can create your own gift with our new and easy Create your own gift hamper.
Pick a box or basket that you think your recipient would like and then add in all the goodies they love, it’s like you work for us!
When you are done, proceed to checkout and we will pack it, put a ribbon on it and ship it out.. Too easy!

Let's get started!
Step 1 - Choose your gift presentation
Step 2 - Choose items to fill your gift
Step 3 – Go to the bottom of your screen and click on add to cart.
Step 4 - Review your order
Step 5 – Checkout

Step 1 - Choose your gift presentation
Select your desired gift presentation from the Six types of vessels, baskets, wooden crates, gift boxes, shipping box or handbag shopping basket (If you choose shipping box, no ribbon will be included, just a gift card). Once you have chosen the presentation, (Green tick will show on photo) go to Step 2..

Step 2 - Choose items to fill your gift
You will see a starting price for your presentation, it will start with the small size of the vessel, as you choose items to fill your gift basket, this price will increase in price accordingly.
All the items are listed underneath the gift presentations, they are broken up into different categories to help you find exactly what you want.
To give you an idea of what will fit in each size, we recommend the following number of items when choosing your gift size:
Small - 6 items
Medium - 10 items
Large - 15 items

If you choose more than 15 items you will be charged a flat fee of $15 to add another vessel to the gift presentation (we can add them as a tower)

Step 3 - Review your order
Once you have selected all your products, click add to cart to go to the checkout page for you to check and adjust items if necessary (ie add multiple of one item or delete anything in the cart). This will give you a final price including delivery.

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Step 1 - Choose your gift presentation



From: $17.95

for 4 - 6 items


Basket with Lid

From: $19.95

for 4 - 7 items


Handbag Baskets

From: $32.95

for 5 - 10 items


Wooden Crate

From: $19.95

for 5 - 10 items

Le Panier basket

Carry Basket

From: $32.95

for 5 - 11 items


White Wooden Crates

From: $19.95

for 3 - 8 items

Cardboard boxes on white background

Shipping Box

From: $9.95

for 0 - 9 items

Step 3 - Complete your order: $0