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Spread the Love with The Complete Basketcase’s Valentine’s Day Hampers

Valentine's Day, a day dedicated to expressing affection, is the perfect time to shower your loved ones with heartfelt gifts. And what better way to convey your love than with a meticulously crafted Valentine's Day hamper?

At The Complete Basketcase, we believe in making the art of gift-giving an effortless and joyous experience. Choose from our enchanting selection of Valentine's Day hampers, each designed to capture the essence of romance. We'll fill them with your special someone's favorite treats and delights, delivering a touch of love straight to their location anywhere in Australia.

What Makes Gift Hampers the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift?

For Valentine's Day, your cherished one deserves a gift as unique as they are, and what better way to convey your appreciation than with an exquisite gift hamper? Here are just some of the reasons why gift hampers and baskets make for the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day:

Thoughtful Variety

Gift hampers offer a delightful assortment of treats, capturing a diverse range of flavors and experiences. From gourmet chocolates to fine wines and delightful nibbles, each hamper is a carefully curated symphony of delights, reflecting the varied tastes of your loved one.

All-in-One Convenience

With a gift hamper, there's no need to agonise over choosing a single perfect gift. These bundles of joy offer a convenient all-in-one solution, combining a variety of items into a harmonious package that speaks volumes about your affection.

Personal Touch

But if you prefer a custom gift hamper, that’s even better! At The Complete Basketcase, you have the option to personalise the contents and presentation of your Valentine’s Day gift hamper with our Create Your Own option. Go the extra mile and handpick your valentine’s most treasured treats and delights from our extensive selection of items for a thoughtful gesture they will surely appreciate. 

Versatility for Every Relationship

Valentine’s Day is not just for lovers. Whether it's a budding romance, a long-lasting partnership, or a cherished friendship, our gift hampers cater to all needs. At The Complete Basketcase, you will surely find the perfect hamper to match the unique connection you share with your special someone.

Memorable Unboxing Experience

There’s no better feeling than the joy and surprise of receiving a beautifully packaged hamper. Imagine the happiness of your significant other while they unwrap their specially made gift hamper and discover all the treasures you carefully chose for them.

What Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers are Available at The Complete Basketcase?

At The Complete Basketcase, we’re all about love! That’s why we have curated a special selection of Valentine’s Day gift hampers to help you best express the love you have for your special someone.

We have nearly 40 gift hampers for Valentine’s Day you can choose from. Our selection ranges from chocolate bouquets and tasty snack indulgences to champagne gift boxes and adorable stuffed teddies. 

A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper

Selecting the right hamper is like crafting a special moment for your loved one. Here are some easy tips to help you pick a gift that truly matches their preferences:

Understand Their Tastes

Take a moment to think about what your special someone enjoys. Do they love gourmet treats, have a sweet tooth for chocolates, or prefer sipping wines? Knowing their tastes helps you find the perfect hamper. Our wide selection of curated hampers will give you plenty to choose from.

Explore Variety

Look for hampers that offer a mix of goodies. A range of treats ensures there's something for every mood, making your gift versatile and enjoyable for different moments. 

Include a Touch of Luxury

Make the experience extra special by choosing a hamper with a touch of luxury. It could be a fancy bottle of wine, decadent chocolates, or exclusive items that bring a sense of opulence and indulgence to your gift.

Make Your Valentine’s Day Gift Hamper Extra Special with Personalisation Options

With The Complete Basketcase's "Create Your Own" hamper feature, you have the opportunity to add a touch of personalisation to your special Valentine's Day gift.

Handpick your loved one's favorite treats from our diverse selection, tailored to fit any budget and preference. Whether it's decadent chocolates, gourmet delights, or a selection of fine wines, you have the power to choose. Infuse your gift with sentiment by personalising the presentation and including a heartfelt message. 

Once you've curated every detail with care, we'll wrap up your special gift and ensure it reaches your Valentine with love. Embrace the joy of creating a unique Valentine's Day surprise that reflects your thoughtfulness and celebrates the individuality of your loved one. Because when it comes to Valentine's Day, there's nothing more special than a gift crafted with care and a personal touch.

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Efficient Delivery Options Australia-Wide for Valentine’s Day Gift Hampers

With The Complete Basketcase, you can enjoy hassle-free delivery for your Valentine's Day hampers across Australia. Here's how we ensure your gifts reach their destination promptly:

Free Shipping and Expedited Options

We offer free shipping nationwide on all non-perishable Valentine's Day gift hampers. For those in a hurry, our VIP delivery service is available, starting at just $9.95.

Melbourne Metro Area Delivery

For Melbourne metro areas, we provide same-day delivery if orders are received before 11 am on Friday, February 14th. Alternatively, you can choose "click and collect" from our Kensington VIC 3031 location. If it's past 11 am, feel free to call 1300 733 933 to inquire about delivery or collection options.

Delivery for All Other Areas

For all other areas in Australia (excluding Western Australia, North Queensland, Tasmania, NT, and remote regions), orders must be received by noon on Wednesday, February 9th. This ensures timely delivery with estimates of overnight/2-day delivery.

To add a special touch, we include a sticker on the shipping box instructing the recipient to open it on Valentine's Day. For any delivery-related inquiries, please call 1300 733 933.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What types of Valentine’s Day hampers are available for delivery in Australia?

You won’t run out of options because, at The Complete Basketcase, we have curated 38 Valentine’s Day gift hampers you can choose from. We have carefully selected each gift hamper and filled them with an assortment of treats from chocolates and teddies to wines and spirits to delight the unique preferences of your loved ones.

These are just some of our best selling gift hampers perfect for a romantic Valentine’s Day celebration:

2. Can I customise a Valentine’s Day hamper?

Definitely! If you can’t choose from our specially curated selection of gift hampers for Valentine’s Day, you are free to personalise your gift hamper through our "Create Your Own" feature. Browse from our wide selection of curated products to add to your basket. We have everything from food and grocery items to homewares, games, and more! What will make it even more romantic is choosing the presentation of your hamper and adding a personal note to make their heart flutter!

3. How is delivery handled for Valentine’s Day hampers across Australia?

Enjoy complimentary nationwide shipping on non-perishable Valentine's Day hampers. If you're in a hurry, opt for our VIP delivery service starting at $9.95. For Melbourne metro areas, get same-day delivery by ordering before 11 am on February 14th, or choose "click and collect" from our Kensington VIC 3031 location. In all other areas (except Western Australia, North Queensland, Tasmania, NT, and remote regions), orders must be in by noon on February 9th for timely overnight/2-day delivery. We add a special touch with a sticker prompting recipients to open their box on Valentine's Day. Call 1300 733 933 for any delivery inquiries.

4. Are the hampers suitable for specific dietary needs?

Yes, we have a wide range of products to cater to diverse dietary needs. We have vegan and gluten-free gift hampers and we also carry kosher products and alcohol-free drinks in our roster.

If your recipient has a specific dietary restriction, feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

5. What makes The Basket Case’s Valentine’s Day hampers unique?

Our Valentine’s Day hampers at The Basket Case are extra special for a few key reasons. We put a lot of care into choosing the items in each hamper, ensuring they are of the highest quality. The variety we offer means there's something for everyone, from delicious chocolates to fine wines. What sets us apart is the personal touch – we understand that each recipient is unique. By allowing you to customise your hamper, we ensure your gift is tailored to your loved one’s preferences. So, when you choose one of our hampers, you're not just getting a collection of items; you're giving a thoughtful and personalised experience that makes your Valentine's Day celebration truly memorable.

Delivery Information

Melbourne Metro Area All orders must be received BEFORE 11am on Friday, February 14th for same day delivery within Melbourne metro area only or you can "click and collect" from us in Kensington VIC 3031. After 11am, please call the 1300 733 933 to ask about delivery or collection. All Other Areas (except Western Australia, North Queensland, Tasmania, NT and other remote and country areas) For all other areas in Australia (except for Western Australia, North Queensland, Tasmania, NT and other remote areas), orders must be received by Noon on Wednesday, February 9th, to deliver with estimates of overnight/2 day delivery.  We will add a sticker to the shipping box to instruct receiver to open on Valentine's Day. To confirm delivery information, please call 1300 733 933.

Valentine's Day made easy with The Complete Basketcase

Surprise that someone special in your life with a Valentine's Day gift hamper from The Complete Basketcase. Valentine's Day is one of our favourite times of the year, as it is all about sharing love and happiness, which is basically what we are all about here! Go all out with a Valentine's Day gift that shows your recipient how much you care - the Magical Moet for the champagne lover, Cute as Cupid for the sweet tooth, or any of the Teddies for the young at heart. We have a Valentine's Day gift basket to suit every taste, and every declaration of love! For complete Valentine's Day delivery information, please call our customer service team on 1300 733 933