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Newborn Baby Hampers

Send a heartfelt hamper from The Complete Basketcase to commemorate the joy of a new baby's arrival. Our hampers, which are filled with thoughtfully chosen baby apparel, useful essentials, and sentimental touches, transcend conventional presents and capture the joy of welcoming a new baby.

We here at The Complete Basketcase are dedicated to providing high-quality and imaginative hampers that will last as a cherished memento of happiness shared among family members.

Why Choose Our Newborn Baby Gifts

Not only are our newborn baby hampers of the highest calibre, but they also have an amazing range of contents. Each curation has a high degree of attention and provides a varied selection of products that satisfy the practical requirements as well as the sentimental demands of the new parents.

Our Newborn baby gifts have a beautiful selection of products that are both stylish and functional. Every item in the hamper, from lovely baby apparel to useful necessities, is carefully chosen to ensure that it all adds to its overall brilliance. Our dedication to excellence extends to the use of organic and baby-safe goods that promote the health of the infant and provide parents peace of mind.

Pros of Giving Newborn Baby Hampers

Giving a hamper from The Complete Basketcase to new parents is a unique and thoughtful way to say "I love you" since each of our thoughtfully crafted packages combines diversity, usefulness, and sentimental value. Our gift baskets are made with the utmost practicality in mind, including necessities like organic baby care products, wipes, and diapers to support a newborn's everyday needs.

Our hampers' variety, which meets many needs of the new parents' trip, adds a lovely touch. We have stylish baby outfits that add flair to the newborn's wardrobe as well as poignant mementos that perfectly encapsulate the feelings of this unique moment.

As a result, giving a hamper from The Complete Basketcase to new parents is an emotionally meaningful gesture that shows both excitement for them and a deeper awareness of the many different components that go into making the arrival of a baby such a life-changing event.

Choosing the Perfect Newborn Baby Gift

Choosing from our selection of newborn baby gifts or hampers requires you to consider the parents' lifestyle as well as the baby's gender for a personal touch. Is that right? Fortunately for you, The Complete Basketcase's versatile selection of hampers guarantees that every family may find the ideal, custom solution.

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Newborn Baby Gift Top Picks and Recommendations

At The Complete Basketcase, we take pride in offering an outstanding selection of newborn baby gifts and hampers that are set apart by their superior quality and diversity. With premium goods from across Australia, each painstakingly assembled hamper showcases a dedication to perfection.

  1. The Perfect Bundle - Spoil the new parents with this perfect bundle! This bundle is packed with baby essentials, Henry the Teddy Bear, Gilly Goat products, and even nice treats for the parents such as premium chocolates! 

  2. Baby Llama Gift Hamper - Girl - Send this lovely gift basket to the new parents in honour of their newborn's arrival. Let the celebration begin with tasty treats for the parents, and a cute llama plush toy and gorgeous dress for the baby!

  3. Baby Milestones Gift Hamper - It's fun to grow up! Celebrate the days, weeks, months, and years in the baby's life together with some exquisite newborn necessities. P.S. The Wooden Milestone Baby Blocks is what makes this hamper one of our top picks.

  4. Hello World Baby Boy Gift Basket - This bestseller basket features a plush blue teddy bear, a soft cotton bodysuit adorned with adorable animal prints, a pair of cosy socks, and a gentle baby wash. Packaged with care and adorned with a blue ribbon, it offers a thoughtful and practical gift to celebrate the arrival of a precious baby boy.

  5. Cute as a Cupcake Gift Box - This delightful gift box features an array of mouthwatering cupcakes topped with colourful frosting and sprinkles, accompanied by a bottle of sparkling apple juice for a touch of celebration. We package it elegantly and tie it with a ribbon, too.

Create Your Own Newborn Baby Hamper

With our Create Your Own hampers, you may ditch the typical and create a basket full of uniqueness and love. Pick a box or basket as your artistic canvas and create anything you want to properly celebrate the arrival of your loved ones’ newborn. Subsequently, explore an immense collection of delights to customise your unique design.

To add even more cosiness, thoughtfulness, and celebration, include a handwritten note from the heart or a sentimental memento. Here in The Complete Basketcase, we believe that the greatest gifts come in beautifully-wrapped baskets, brimming with love and the promise of delicious moments shared.

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Convenient Newborn Baby Hampers Shipping Across Australia

For birthdays, anniversaries, or any other special day, plan ahead to ensure a perfect delivery. Choose the delivery day that is most convenient for you or the recipient when you order your newborn baby hamper three to five business days in advance. In certain locations, you may also select our expedited shipping option to guarantee timely arrival in as little as two working days.

Expect a delivery time of 3-5 business days for regular delivery, while certain rural areas may require an extra day or two. Rest assured, our team will keep you in the loop with tracking information, allowing you to trace the journey of your order.

Same Day Delivery to Melbourne

Melbourne Metro areas get to enjoy same day delivery for our newborn baby hampers with an order cut-off of 1pm. Orders made after 1pm shall be delivered the next business day.

To ensure smooth and trackable deliveries, we partner with Startrack, Australia Post, Xpress Couriers, and other courier companies. For special dates or occasions, schedule your delivery by selecting your preferred delivery date in the calendar during checkout. Our office staff is available to assist and receive your online orders from 9:00am to 4:30pm.


1. What makes The Complete Basketcase newborn baby gifts unique?

The Complete Basketcase newborn baby gifts stand out for its thoughtful curation—blending practical essentials with heartwarming touches. Each item, from high-quality baby clothing to adorable plush toys, is chosen with care to ensure both functionality and joy. With customisable options available, every gift is uniquely tailored to celebrate the arrival of a precious newborn in a memorable and meaningful way.

2. Can I customise a newborn baby hamper?

Yes, you can! Using Create Your Own, you may customise your own newborn baby hamper. The Complete Basketcase is all about flexibility and personalisation. Be creative, browse our extensive selection, include a personal message, and don't hesitate to contact our team for questions and suggestions!

3. How do I choose the right gift for a newborn baby?

When choosing a gift for a newborn baby, consider practical items like clothing, diapers, and baby essentials that meet the baby's immediate needs. Additionally, factor in seasonal appropriateness by selecting clothing suitable for the current weather conditions or items that can be used year-round. Lastly, take into account the parents' preferences and lifestyle—opting for gifts that align with their tastes and values, whether it's organic clothing, eco-friendly products, or personalised keepsakes.

4. What are the delivery options for newborn baby gifts?

We offer a variety of delivery options for newborn baby gifts. Customers can choose between standard shipping and express delivery. Same-day delivery is available for orders going to Metro Melbourne. Delivery is available nationwide—ensuring that families across the country can receive their thoughtful gifts promptly and conveniently.

5. Are there any eco-friendly or organic newborn baby gifts available?

The Complete Basketcase prioritises safety and often features organic options. We source products from selected and reputable brands that meet high standards to ensure they are suitable not just for newborns, but for infants as well. From organic cotton clothing to natural skincare products, we’ve got it for you!

6. What should I do if I need help selecting a gift?

Feel free to reach out to our dedicated team via our Online Support chat on our website, email us at, or simply give us a call at 1300 733 933. Our team is available to assist you from 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.

7. How are newborn baby gifts packaged?

Our team will expertly arrange the treats into a beautifully presented gift arrangement, ensuring that everything fits seamlessly into a larger basket or box. In the event that your generosity leads to an abundance of items for a single gift, we'll thoughtfully package the extras into another gift box. With years of gift-crafting expertise, our team takes pride in arranging each gift basket with utmost care.