They just haven’t been at the top of their game lately. Maybe it’s a cold that came out of the blue. (Why anyone hasn’t found a cure yet is still astounding!) Maybe it was that seemingly delicious curry at that big-noted restaurant that has created some severe after affects. Whatever the reason, they’re not well.

People have called just to see how they are and offered some kind words of comfort, but suddenly veer off on a strange tangent and start telling them that they haven’t been well lately either, and a number of people they know have just dropped off their perch recently, including Uncle Jack who made it to 97½ and just fell short of getting a Queen’s letter. Or if they’ve been laid up for longer, they get a card that has the right sentiment, but is filled with flowery sympathetic words that relate to thousands of other sick people and not them.

It’s all good intentions, but it’s not really personal enough. And that get well theme doesn’t stay with them for long. Whereas a Get Well Hamper does. Firstly it presents beautifully, and secondly the ‘hope you’re back on your feet soon’ message lingers longer because they have to get better a little each day to eventually enjoy all the goodies.

Take the Rest and Recuperate Hamper. Lots of healthy goodies here. Delicious seasonal fruit, Snax with Attitude apricot and coconut slice, J.C’s Australian Cranberries. And as they feel better in themselves they can nibble on a Snowy Mountains Cookie, enjoy Snax with Attitude salted pretzels and French vanilla peanuts and Almonds. All handsomely displayed in a sea grass basket with lid, ribbon and personal card.

Then there’s the Speedy Recovery hamper. It has a positive theme from the outset, starting with the cuddly teddy bear with a get well message. He’s brought with him seasonal fresh fruit, delicious beekeeper honey, wonderful Madura tea, Butterfingers smooth pure butter shortbread and Charlie’s shortbread creams with tangy passion fruit.

These are just a couple of the many hampers that you’ll find at The Complete Basketcase. Just talk to the girls and they’ll create the ideal get-well hamper that’s personal, is remembered and says so much more.

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