So I arrived home the other day to find a parcel on my doorstep. It was nothing special, just something I had ordered online because who could be bothered dealing with shopping centre car park road rage, large crowds, and don’t get me started on those people who stop smack bang in the middle of an aisle to have a conversation? I mean… anyway, my parcel had arrived. I knew it was on its way, I had paid for it, and like I said, it wasn’t anything special. But I was so excited to see it. And I thought, if I am this excited about my parcel arriving, I wonder how excited people get when they receive a gift from The Complete Basketcase?

You’re sitting at work, when all of a sudden, a beautiful chocolate bouquet arrives for your birthday. Or in a hospital bed when the nurse delivers one of our fruit hampers that a friend has sent as a get-well gift. And then I thought, how nice would it be to receive a gift for no particular reason at all? If you received a gift because someone just wanted to brighten your day and put a smile on your face, no reason required.

In a time when everyone is so busy, and we don’t have the time to catch up or call as often as we should, wouldn’t it be nice if we took a minute to send someone something to say, “Hey, just because I haven’t been around lately, doesn’t mean I don’t think of you often.” Or send a little something to a friend who is having a bad week (because who hasn’t had one of them from time to time?)

That was the case for two of my girls in our Sydney office. They are sisters, and their sister was having a really bad week. Two trips to the Prince of Wales hospital at Randwick, NSW in the space of a few days. First one of her kids was sick, and then her husband had himself a DIY accident. Neither one was serious, but you can imagine the stress of taking one family member to the emergency room, let alone two. So the girls decided to send their sister a gift to let her know they were thinking of them. And it was chocolate, and there is nothing in the world chocolate can’t fix! Sure enough she was very surprised, she loved the gift and more importantly she loved that her sisters had sent her something for no other reason than to try and make a bad week a little better.

So remember, it’s not all about birthdays and celebrations. Send some love to the ones you love, no reason required. Contact the team at The Complete Basketcase to organise a surprise gift hamper today.

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