It seems in this digital age that everything has to be instant. We have to respond to every notification, every message. The key culprit is the mobile phone. If we’re not texting, Googling, Facebooking, Instagramming, buzz feeding, LinkedIn-ing, Twittering, Skyping, you’re supposedly not in the game. But seriously, who cares if you need to watch a YouTube clip of laughing lama, or the world’s biggest cat. Or posting pictures on Facebook of a one star restaurant that you found to be fabulous. Or tweeting to 200,000 followers that you just got out of bed.

Putting pictures on Instagram of a floor mat. Telling business acquaintances on LinkedIn that you’re proud to announce your own arrival to a new job. Sending texts to friends in a new hybrid language, “whr are y gng?” Then having to instantly answer every text just in case you might have missed an important message from someone. When in fact it’s only a reminder from a telco to pay your bill. Wouldn’t be good to just stop for moment and relax? Down tools. Turn off the phone and the laptop. Put your feet up and relax. Perhaps open a book. Or something even more adventurous, start a real conversation. It’s called taking time out.

You could also remind someone to do exactly that with a gift basket from The Complete Basketcase. The Put Your Feet Up Gift Basket is the perfect example. Crack open a crisp bottle of white that smacks of passionfruit. Or Cabernet Merlot with a touch of spicy oak. Just add some salted peanuts, cinnamon, walnut and multigrain mix and a soy snack, and you’re well on the way for a moment of total relaxation. Then there’s the Take Time Out Gift Basket, that’s just perfect for the girls. Take a tea break with delicious Ceylon tea, Guylian seashell chocolates and Charlie’s mini melting moments. Accompanying these delights is a white body mop, basil and lime hand cream and organic cocoa butter. Sounds relaxing enough.

So stop for a moment. You now have permission to use your mobile to talk to the girls at The Complete Basketcase. They can organize one of the above gifts to send, or create something of your liking. Whatever happens, they’ll come up with the ideal chill out gift. Our entire range of gift baskets and hampers are available with same day delivery to both Melbourne and Sydney.

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