Occasionally we receive gift basket orders with the wrong recipient address, yes it’s a little annoying, especially when we are asked to leave the gift at the door. How do we get it back? Does someone actually live at that address? And the big question is… will they give it back? (well we do beautiful gifts so I can’t blame them!) Last week I received a phone call from a lady that found a gift basket at her front door with her address on it, however, it was for someone that doesn’t live at her house. She ended up calling me as she had no idea what to do with it. After telling me the order number on the box we found out that it was for a Mum from her Son who had just moved into her street. I called the Mum and told her what had happened and she gave me her house number told me she had just moved in and hadn’t meet her neighbours as yet. I told her that one of them will be coming over with the gift and here is her chance to meet one! And what a wonderful neighbour she is… Our team sent her a box of choccies to thank her for walking it over, so everyone was happy! BTW the son now has the number of his Mums house tattooed on his arm! LOL
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