The taste of wine. It has a peculiarity all of its own. Wine writers review and try to give us a picture of what individual wines are all about. They’re often jammy, dry, full of tannin, taste like blackberries or passion fruit, sweet, herbaceous. Or come from soil enriched by lime, or wandering herds of wildebeest that only visit the hallowed hillside once very ten years to turn the grapes into an amazing vintage. There could be the taste of charcoal, a hint of chocolate, smoke from a distant campfire, or if it’s a fine Semillon from the Hunter, the smell of “sweaty saddles”. Please. Sure we need descriptions to give us an idea of what each wine is like. But let’s keep it simple. After all, it really does come down to this. It’s all about taste. Your taste. If it’s a cheap variety and you like it, drink it. Same if it’s of the more expensive variety.

Talking of taste, the girls at The Complete Basketcase have selected their wines of the month (minus the tiring taste notes) and put them together in special gift hampers and baskets. Let start with Wine O’ Clock Red or White Gift Hamper. (Let’s face it anytime, is a good time to open a bottle.). To accompany the wine, each basket contains lightly salted peanuts, French vanilla peanuts and almonds and a chilli nut mix.

There’s the Nutty But Nice Gift Basket- Margaret River. Plenty of treats to go with the Lose Leaf Cab Sav. From crackers, peanuts and almonds, to a Wittaker peanut slab and cream filled truffles. How about a Perfect Surprise Gift Basket? Here you have a fine white and red with loads of goodies. Like Monte Cristo sun ripened camembert cheese, rich buttery shortbread, gourmet crackers and Destrooper Belgian chocolate thins. If you want to lash out, you can’t beat the Laventine Hill Wine Pack. Treat your taste buds to a luscious Sauvignon Blanc Semillon, a delicate Rose and a silky smooth Syrah.

Wines of the month from the girls at The Complete Basketcase. They know their stuff. If you want to organise your very own wine selection in a basket or a hamper, no problem. Just give them a call, or drop in and they’ll organise it in a flash. Cheers.

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