When you think about holiday traditions, the first holiday to come to mind is Christmas. The Christmas season is filled with joy, laughter, and tons of holiday traditions, but it isn't the only holiday to have traditions. Easter is another popular holiday filled with traditions that range from egg hunts and giving corporate hampers as gifts to employees to flying kites.
Every country around the world has their own unique Easter traditions. Wondering just how their traditions differ from yours? The team here at The Complete Basketcase have found some of the more unique Easter traditions from around the world.

Exploding Carts to Guarantee a Good Harvest in Italy

It is not uncommon to set off fireworks in celebration of holidays, but if you lived in Italy you will see something else explode on Easter Sunday – a cart filled with items for harvest. It is believed that blowing up the cart will guarantee that the upcoming year's harvest is a good one.

Kite Flying is Used to Explain Easter Sunday in Bermuda

There is a story in Bermuda that a Sunday school teacher tried to teach her children about Easter Sunday with kite flying. Somehow the idea of kite flying took off and it is now an extremely popular tradition. Every Easter Sunday, the sky is filled with thousands of kites flown by children.

Dance the Egg Dance in Germany

Talk about walking on eggshells. In Germany, it is considered an Easter tradition for cities and towns to host an egg dance. Hundreds of people gather around and take part in this tradition.
The tradition starts with putting hundreds of eggs on the ground. People then get up and start dancing. The goal of the dance is to try not to damage, break, or harm any of the Easter eggs.
Dancing isn't the only Easter tradition you will see in Germany. A favourite Germany Easter tradition is decorative in nature. People hang eggs from tree branches all throughout the city. It is extremely popular and it would be difficult to find a home that doesn't celebrate in this tradition.
These are just some of the many different Easter traditions that are celebrated around the world.
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