Christmas time is a great time to enjoy all kinds of tasty treats, either from a Christmas gift hamper or from any of other kind of vessel. Whether you make your pudding yourself or purchase it, here are some delectable ideas to spread around.

Traditional Pudding

There is a certain purity about a traditional Christmas pudding, and a variety certainly comes through. With a fairly lengthy number of ingredients and the direction to make this dish at the end of November, this is the kind of pudding for a serious planner who wants something particularly special to boast about after the main meal.

Apple and Carrot

Love apple pie, carrot cake and not having to hate your figure quite as much come January? Well, this pudding is perfect for you. A pudding gives your home a great aroma the entire day you make it, and it tastes amazing enough to be called two desserts in one. All of this, and apple and carrot Christmas pudding is still relatively low in fat compared to the other puddings on this list.


Do you love plums? If so, a prune-using variety of pudding will taste great and keep you regular. With a deeper flavour than many of the other Christmas puddings on this list, you can layer this taste with a dry wine to really play with everyone's palates. Plum pudding is just the thing for tucking into a Christmas gift hamper and giving to someone special.


Now give us some fig pudding! The entreaty has been around, in song and in guests' bellies for longer than anyone can remember, so honour the request with a delicious offering. Add even more to this yummy treat by switching up regular whipped cream with a liqueur variety and make the season that much sweeter.
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