As I covered in my previous Easter themed blog, Australian Christians tend to go a little against the grain when it comes to celebrating Easter. Our different weather and unique landscape has forged our own path when Easter Sunday rolls around, and even though we celebrate the joyous nature of Easter Sunday along with the rest of the Christian world we like to add our own twist.

Good Friday flavour

The added flavour of the Aussie culture starts before Easter Sunday. With us being a British colony we inherited many traditions of Mother England, one of those being the consumption of Hot Cross Buns on Good Friday. Originally created to be a spiced bun sweetened with dried fruit and topped with an iced cross made from flour and water, it has evolved in the Aussie market to include variations such as choc chips, cocoa powder, coffee and fruit-less buns.

The Sunday hunt

Easter Sunday is no different. While many families still continue the tradition of the decorated egg hunt where hard-boiled eggs are hand painted and hidden around the garden, most employ the use of chocolate eggs. (Depending on the weather, we Aussies tend to hunt early in case the chocolate dies a slow death in the sun!) Whether you are hunting chocolate eggs or hard-boiled ones, you should have a plan of action in place for the big hunt.

  • Obtain enough eggs to satisfy your hunters
  • Ÿ
  • Establish a theme if required
  • Ÿ
  • Plan your hunting ground
  • Ÿ
  • Write age-appropriate clues
  • Ÿ
  • Hide the eggs
  • Ÿ
  • Supervise the children
  • Ÿ
  • Establish a meeting point to compare booty

The Aussie bunny

The Easter bunny has the delivery of eggs cornered in most markets, but he has a rival Down Under. Since 1994 an organisation called the Anti-Rabbit Research Foundation has been promoting the use of the Bilby as an alternative to the rabbit. Rabbits have few fans here as they are considered pests and the Bilby is an endangered species. Proceeds from sales of Easter Bilby products go to the foundation to help ensure its survival.

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