Think of Easter and chances are you envision chocolate eggs. These yummy, tasty treats are a favourite Easter gift for both children and older individuals who consider themselves to have the heart of a child.
While everyone will eagerly eat a chocolate egg or place it in an Easter basket for the children, few are sure of why this came to be. The Complete Basketcase, admittedly while enjoying some chocolate eggs we had left over from our Easter hampers this year, decided to do a little research and find out where this tradition came from – and we want to share it with you!

A Brief History on the Delicious Chocolate Egg

There is no official history about the chocolate egg. There are only myths surrounding how it came about and why it became so famous and sought after by chocolate lovers.
The most popular theory behind the chocolate egg is its connection to traditional dyed Easter eggs. Dyed Easter eggs are believed to be a symbol for the resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.
It is believed the outer shell of the egg is the tomb in which Jesus was buried. That shell can be cracked, which then symbolises his rising into heaven.
The chocolate versions of these eggs, which are often placed in your Easter basket, are a sweet version of this sacred symbol.
Another theory about Easter eggs comes from the belief that Easter is associated with the celebration of fertility. Many individuals believe that Easter celebrations were held throughout the world to honour the coming of spring, which held the start of the new garden and crop-growing season.
The egg was believed to be a symbol of fertility. Today, Easter has a new meaning, but some people believe the chocolate egg is a small way to pay tribute to the Easter celebrations of the past.


Keeping the Tradition Alive by Placing Chocolate Eggs in an Easter Gift Basket

Traditions are important, and now you too can help keep the tradition of the chocolate Easter egg alive. Every year, when you hand out Easter gifts to your friends and family members, you can make sure to include chocolate eggs.
The Complete Basketcase likes to help people keep traditions alive, which is why we offer a variety of Easter baskets that include yummy chocolate eggs. Some of the baskets are smaller and have other sweet treats and goodies inside, such as wines and fruits or nuts. Other baskets focus on the chocolate egg and include dozens of them. You can choose from fantastic Easter gift baskets such as the ‘Find the Bunny Easter Box’, which contains a Lindt gold bunny, surrounded by a selection of over sixty Easter eggs! Alternatively, how about participating in our ‘Easter Garden Hunt,’ where the only thing you’ll get your hands sticky with is delicious chocolate. This Easter gift hamper contains a prized Lindt gold bunny and a selection of chocolate treats, including chocolate bees and ladybugs!
Stop by create your own! There is certain to be something for everyone!
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