Around this time of year it is customary to buy gifts for people. Buying friends and family gifts is common, but should you buy gifts for co-workers? And if so what should you buy? To solve this problem many times there are gift giving games played in the office. Games where you can simply give things like Christmas Gift Hampers. Here are how to play three different Christmas gift giving games.

Secret Santa

First, the most common one is Secret Santa. This is probably the one you have heard of. Everyone playing writes their name on a piece of paper, which is then placed it inside a box of some sort. Going around the room, each person draws a name out. The name on the paper is the person you will buy a gift for. Often times there is a spending limit on the gifts, usually around $10 - $30. The point of the game is to keep the name you got a secret (hence Secret Santa), but sometimes people let it slip.


White Elephant

Next, there is a game called White Elephant. This game starts with everyone involved in the game buying a gift with in a spending limit. The gifts are placed on a table and numbers are added to each present. Each person chooses a number and gets the gift that goes to that number. Negotiation skills come in handy in this game, as you can convince members to swap presents with you to get something you want.


Evil Santa

Lastly, there is a gift giving game called Evil Santa. This game, once again, has everyone involved bringing in a present that falls within a spending limit. All members get assigned a number. The person who has number one gets to pick from the pile and opens a present. The next person chooses a present to open and can either choose to keep their gift or switch with the first person. The third person does the same thing. Opens a present and can either keep the present or switch with anyone who has gone before hand. This keeps going until all the presents have been opened. Having the last number is best, as you have the chance to steal from all others who have gone before you and get the gift you really want.
These games are a great way to celebrate the holiday season with your co-workers, or even with your family. Sometimes you have too many people to buy gifts for. This way no one gets left out and everyone gets something.
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