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With Deepest Sympathy Gift Hampers

Sometimes we have to organise gifts for incredibly sad occasions, this we do with professionalism and extra care to ensure that the recipient does not go through any further stress.  Sympathy gifts are a great idea, much better than flowers as they have real thought behind your best wishes.  If they are having people over […]

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Delivering kindness & love to brighten their day!

Need to send a gift to someone special this week? although our team are always very busy delivering love and kindness to most parts of Australia we will be able to help you.  We have created all types of gifts for all occasions,  Birthdays, new born babies and Anniversaries. The ones I love are to the […]

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5 excellent condolence messages to send with your sympathy gift basket…

What to say on the gift card?? So you have just found out that someone you know has lost a loved one, and you would like to send your condolences but don’t know what to say….. I have put together a few ideas for you so you are not lost for words: Dear ….. We […]

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Sending “With Sympathy” gifts

Heard someone you know has lost a close family member? Like all of us, you want them to know that you are thinking of them and that they are in your thoughts and prayers. Most people send flowers as that is the traditional thing to do, however, they could receive so many flowers it becomes […]

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