Believe in the magic of kindness…

Our team are all very busy spreading love and kindness to most parts of Australia.  Of course we have the gifts for Birthdays, new born babies and Anniversaries, but I love the ones that are to the brave people that are fighting cancer, or the twins that are premmie and still in hospital and some kind person is sending a fruit gift basket to Mum and Dad to keep their strength up.

We have beautiful gifts and messages go out to those who have lost someone dear to them, it’s these kind gestures when you are feeling the lowest of low that really put a smile on your face, even if it is for a second.  Our team see the messages you write and I know I feel close to the situation and the recipient and feel, in some small way, I help that person have a better day.

We are sending out healthy gifts to those students going through final exams, Mum and Dad sending them love and support, reading the gift message you know how proud they are no matter what the result.

This week the biggest reason for receiving a gift was kindness, those wonderful people out there gave their time, their expertise, their homes and their love and support and of course resulted in a gorgeous gift from us!



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