Little Miss Moscato Bouquet

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Forget the diamonds and the gold. She is so sick of the Rolls Royce and the private jet. Give the princess what she really wants. Wine and chocolates. Because after a long day in high heels, isn’t that what you would want?

Gift includes:

  • Moscato 750ml
  • Pink Lady cream filled truffles x 6
  • Chocolate stars/hearts x 12
  • Presented in a glossy gift box
  • Ribbon & card

Mad Fish WA Moscato 750ml
Fragrant, fresh, moreish and low in alcohol, the MadFish Moscato is a wonderfully light alternative to champagne that can be enjoyed any time of the day or year. MadFish Moscato is made from the most noble of Muscat grape varieties, the Muscat Blanc à Petit Grains. Whilst the name implies a white colouration, the unexpected rosa or pinkness of the wine is the result of a fortunate variant within the variety.

Pink Lady cream filled truffles x 6
An assortment of soft centred chocolates, enveloped in superfine milk, dark and white chocolate. Flavours include Chocoholic, Latté, White Buttermint, Peppermint Pleasure, Wild Strawberry, Turkish Delight and Seville Orange.

Chocolate stars/hearts x 12
Yummy milk chocolate stars/hearts

Gift box
Presented in a glossy gift box as a chocolate bouquet with ribbon & card





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