Davimac Farm Machinery Xmas gift

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Gift includes:

  • Piranha Flame Thrower chilli nut mix 80g
  • Sherbet bombs 165g
  • Sour Worms 170g
  • Party Mix lollies 200g
  • Kras Peppermint Candies 100g
  • Just Sweets Hand made Peanut Brittle 125g
  • Walkers Toffee 100g
  • Presented in a craft choc box
Piranha Flame Thrower chilli nut mix 80g
Mild chilli lime peanut & soy snack mix that will get your mouth watering.

Sherbet bombs 165g
Delicious chewy flavoured lolly with a sherbet centre

Sour Worms 170g
Yummy bag of sweet and sour tastes that will make your afternoon sweet tooth happy.

Party Mix lollies 200g
Get the party going with all the best lollies in one bag!

Kras Peppermint Candies 100g
Delicious peppermint candies with chocolate centre.

Just Sweets Hand made Peanut Brittle 125g
This salty-sweet perfection that has been hand made in Melbourne with Australian ingredients, this Peanut Brittle is packed full of peanuts, crunchy and definitely moorish

Walkers Toffee 100g
Whack, then unwrap and enjoy this Toffee Bar. If you whack before unwrapping the bar breaks in to bite size pieces.

This gift is presented inside a craft box with ribbon and gift card




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