Same day delivery for Gift baskets… where?

So I thought I would confirm what areas we cover as same day delivery for The Complete Basketcase.  As most of you know we have a warehouse in Penrith, Sydney and in North Melbourne.  So for your convenience we have set up couriers in both these areas that can deliver your gift on the same day you ordered it, if that is what you need!

I have had many a conversation with customers that they have just had breakfast with their other half and realised only once they had got to work that they forgot their birthday, yes that happens alot!  So, to save them from the dog house, we organise their “surprise” gift basket to arrive the same day and no one needs to get upset.

With deliveries to Sydney metro, you need to call us or book your gift basket online BEFORE 12pm, then our handsome courier, Brad, will arrive to pick up all the gifts for delivery in the Sydney metro area at 12.15pm and will drive to Strathfield to meet the other couriers and they swap gifts at this meeting point.  They then drive off to their area and start delivering, this will mean your gift will be delivered some time in the afternoon, if it is a business it will be done before close of business which is normally 5pm.

With deliveries to the Melbourne metro area, you will need to call or book your gift basket online BEFORE 2pm. we will then organise a direct courier to deliver the gift once we have made it (all gifts are made to order) and they normally deliver the gift within a 2-3 hour period, if you need an Express delivery, please call our office on 03 93291933 to discuss this as our team will need to contact the courier company to see if it is possible.

We ALWAYS call hospitals ahead of delivery to confirm the patient is still there, however, this can change by the time the courier gets there, so always have an alternate address handy for us.  We also need to make sure that any recipient living in an apartment is home for our couriers to deliver the gift, as most apartments have secure access and couriers are not permitted to go into the block to leave at the door.

Lastly, if you are not sure or need advice, we have 14 years of delivering gifts so call us and we will discuss the best option for your recipient to receive their gifts safely.



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