Christmas Kris Kringle Gift ideas from The Complete Basketcase

G’day gift givers, I was chatting to a dear friend last week about preparations for Christmas and what their traditions are on the day.  So she makes the pudding a few months ahead from her Mum’s recipe and makes sure she adds coins to the mix so the guests are getting an interesting surprise in their puddings!  As the family grows the table gets bigger every year, and the oldies at one end and the younger family members at the other.  One of the traditions is a Kris Kringle, as it can be very expensive to buy for everyone, they have a maximum amount to spend on the person that they draw out of the hat.  What if you have no idea what to get them? And if you are not into walking through shopping centres at that time of year looking for a gift that you have no idea they will like, you need an online website that delivers to your door, for FREE!

Well, we have you covered, our Kris Kringle is beautifully presented and even has a Christmas Cracker inside!  Or if you have a higher budget, we have a fantastic “Create your Own” gift hamper section so you can add all the things you like to the gift, with free delivery to all over Australia, you don’t have to leave the house!

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