Christmas gift hampers with Free Standard delivery.. Winning!

G’day gift givers, well I know you don’t want me to remind you about Christmas, however, I have just had a bit of heart attack when I saw how close December is.  We have now released our Christmas gift hamper brochure for 2016, we have free standard delivery for all of you that are organised go on now and pre book your hampers for friends, family or staff before we sell out (I am confident that will happen this year!)

So we have lollies, chocolates, wine, beer, chocolate, more wine….oh, did I mention we sell wine?! I am so excited about our Christmas gift hamper range this year, and with free delivery for you all we are all winning!

If you have many gifts to send out, make sure you use our corporate ordering system.  It is so easy to use, if you have three or more gifts to send out, this order form is great, all you do is enter in the recipients details, name, address, gift to send, message on the card and an approximate delivery date.  Then you need to enter in your billing details, and submit.  It will send you an invoice and if you spend over $850 it will give you discounts according on how much you spend… Winning! You can call us to pay with a credit card or you can pay us into our account, whatever suits you.

So don’t think “Oh I will do it closer to Christmas” do it now so it’s done and you can enjoy the silly season.

Download our Christmas gift hamper brochure here



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