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Aint no Hood like Motherhood! Get organised for Mother’s day now

G’day gift givers, well there aint no hood like Motherhood! I’m not going to pretend to be a Mummy blogger, I’m a Mum of one, he’s 18 years old so I guess he is a man now.  I have a Mum (love that smart, beautiful woman) and my gorgeous sister is a Mum of 3 so I get what is involved.  Oh and on occasion, when they come and visit from their Mum’s place in NSW, I am also a Step Mum of two handsome boys, so I guess I have some authority on what Mum’s would like for Mother’s Day gifts.

As most Mum’s know, being a Mum can be challenging, hard work, but most of all in my opinion bloody fantastic!  I won’t lie, some days are incredibly difficult, from my perspective as a small/medium business owner, the juggle between being a Mother and Employer has beaten me many days, especially over the busy Christmas season, I have missed out on many presentation nights and events that my darling boy has had, but to his credit, he totally understood and I am very proud of him.

So Mother’s Day this year is on the 13th May, remember that all gifts need to be delivered by the 11th May, so make sure you get in early and buy now and our team will have this ready for dispatch closer to the date.  As we all know these events are sneaking up on us so quickly due to our busy lives, just get that one thing done now so its off your “to do” list.

This is a link to some Mother’s Day gift suggestions, however, as you know your Mum so well, make sure you check out our Create your own hamper section and create something that you know she will love.

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Create your own Gift with amazing products here!

G’day gift givers, this week most of my suppliers have been busy at the Melbourne Gift fair at both the Showgrounds and at the Melbourne Convention Centre.  As usual, I have walked both venues to seek new ideas and to see my suppliers that have been in my life for many years… they are the best!

I found a few new products to add to our online “Create your Own” gift hamper section.  New candles with hand cream, new teddies for New Born Baby Gift Baskets and some yummy chocolates and biscuits to go with our new organic Tea from Madura.  Also, as Christmas is approaching, I found some cool ideas for family gifts, or gifts for corporate events, staff and clients.  I found the most gorgeous reusable coffee cups from Joco, they are not only good looking but amazing quality.  We can organise corporate branding on them, what a fantastic gift idea for the staff and will encourage them to reduce waste.

Our gourmet products section has expanded, we now have Pukara Wasabi Mayonnaise and Chilli salt flakes, perfect for that foodie you know…

When you are considering sending gifts out, remember if you have a recipient that has special requirements, our create your own tool is amazing fun and you can pick all the goodies that you know your recipient will love.  Father’s Day is just around the corner, so pick out the perfect gift for Dad and get it delivered to his door in time for the Sunday celebrations.

So look out for some new gifts, products and as usual all presented professionally!

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Latest news from The Basketcase Team

G’day gift givers, Well this post is to let our Basketcase community know about the saddest day for me in the history of the Basketcase.  We have closed our Sydney warehouse this week and consolidated the business into Melbourne.  While this sounds like a smart move and will make life easier for the Chief Basketcase, it has been the most emotional and the saddest week that I can remember.  The team in Sydney were like family to me and I am so sad to be saying goodbye to the best bunch of people that any employer could ask for!

Jo Groger, my manager, is not only a fantastic manager, but a woman that I am so proud to say is a friend of mine.  Jo always went above and beyond for me, she was funny, brilliant and awesome! I will miss working with her so much!  Jo now has a great job and I have to say that her new employers are very lucky to have a professional, hard working and incredibly hard working person on their team.

Jasmine Neal has been working for me since October, she left school and started with us to help through Christmas 2016 on the front desk printing orders, answering phones and helping all our customers send love and best wishes for about 8 months.  Let me tell you that Jasmine has been a ray of sunshine since I met her, what an amazing young lady! Her incredible support and hard work is a credit to her, I will miss her funny smile and fun personality so much!

Alison Ward, this woman has a kindness that is beyond anyone I have met! I will miss her beautiful heart and soul, she has a talent with gift making that always blows me away, and her hard working nature has been something that I have been so grateful for!

So to Jo, Jasmine and Alison, you were the stars in my life and I will miss you all terribly, thank you all from the bottom of my heart for all your hard work and incredible support… I am so grateful to have had you in my life and my business!

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Easter Egg Gift Hampers a great gift idea for Easter

G’day gift givers, Easter is only a couple of weeks away.  Chocolate Easter eggs are a traditional food to enjoy over the break and we have some gorgeous gifts in boxes or arranged in a bouquet to delight family, friends but especially the kids! This year I have noticed many of you “Creating your own” hamper for Easter, we have all the best goodies available for you to choose from and we can arrange your creation for you to WOW your recipient… you can say “I made that!”

We have the Lindt Bunny in stock, he is a definite favourite, and we have cute bunnies from Belgian or Pink Lady Milk Chocolate bunnies that are delicious!  We have many orders in already, and I am a little concerned that we will sell out so get your orders in so that you can take advantage of the free standard delivery and we will ensure it is delivered in time for you.

Remember, we ship from Melbourne and Sydney only so if you are wanting something in the other states, we can send it but will need time for the couriers to deliver for you.  All our customers have been very happy with our service and the reviews from them are amazing so be assured we are a service that cares and understands the importance of your gift making it on time and surprises your recipient with an amazing gift….. Easter is the only time you should be putting all your eggs in one basket!!

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Easter Egg & Lindt Bunny Gift Baskets

G’day gift givers, this week our Easter gift baskets went live, we have all our Easters eggs ready and waiting to be made into beautiful gifts for all ages.  The chocolate is amazing! On the weekend I photographed the gifts and had to use them in the shot, I went into a sugar coma having to eat all the broken ones… it was so yummy!

If you want to send a healthy alternative to your family and friends, I suggest you pick a gourmet hamper or a fresh fruit hamper and add some eggs to it or a Lindt Bunny, its about balance right!

We have four Easter Chocolate Bouquets, all with the Lindt Bunny as the hero surrounded by chocolates and chocolate eggs.  They look like a bunch of flowers but better! cause its Chocolate!

So if you need an Easter gift basket delivered or are looking to place a corporate order for Easter gifts, your recipients will be amazed with their gifts, and you will be a hero!

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New Year, New Gift Hampers Coming Soon!

G’day Gift Givers, well I haven’t written a blog for some time, after a grueling Christmas period it’s been difficult to bounce back to work and it took most of January for me to recover.  So Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I hope you all felt the love that was being sent out from our warehouse this week.  Our team worked hard and fast to get out hundreds of Chocolate & Champagne gifts, Chocolate & Wine Bouquets, teddies with love hearts and chocolate lips for all you lovers that clearly know that although flowers are traditional Valentine gifts, they pretty much die quickly, so Chocolates, wine and Champagne are better value for money!

We are currently revamping our Fruit Gift Baskets, we have fabulous rustic crates with delicious seasonal fruit, Champagne and some new products from Pukara Estate in the Hunter Valley.  I have been trying a new product Harissa chilli & olive relish, I had this with my steak it tasted amazing! The label suggests to try it as a part of an antipasto plate or a spicy dip or spread on char-grilled lamb kebabs, believe me it tastes amazing with most things.

The next range to tackle is our newborn baby range.  For many years Nappy Cakes have been a huge seller, but I believe we need to find new ideas so that parents are included in the gift, let’s face it, the parents are the ones doing all the work in the first few months so make sure you spoil them more that the baby!

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Christmas Gift Hampers for Staff and Clients

Have you started thinking about what to get your employees and clients for Christmas this year? If not, don’t panic there is still time to get them a wonderful gift; it just might require you to think outside the box.
This year, instead of purchasing individual gifts for each and every employee, why not consider bulk ordering Christmas hampers from The Complete Basketcase. It is fast, fun, and simple.
Customisation is Possible with Corporate Gift Baskets by using our unique “Create your Own Hamper
People are reluctant to purchase corporate Christmas gift baskets for their employees because they feel they will be forced to pick from a limited selection. When you choose to order through The Complete Basketcase, you not only have a huge range of Christmas hampers to select from, but you will be able to customise your corporate Christmas gift baskets.
Wondering just how personalised we can get with your Christmas hampers? Here is a look at some of the things we can do with them.
Use Corporate or Business Logos in the Baskets
Chances are you don’t want to just hand over a basket filled with items to your employees or clients. You probably want to have something that identifies that corporate Christmas hampers as yours. We have a solution – incorporating corporate or business logos, names, or branding into the corporate Christmas hampers.
There are a number of ways you can incorporate a business logo or company slogan into a corporate Christmas gift hamper. Some ways to incorporate this include:
• Using specific company colours inside each gift hamper
• Tying the basket together with ribbon that has the company name/logo
• Placing cards or other items with the company name/logo inside each Christmas hamper
Pick and Choose Items for the Corporate Christmas Hampers
Unlike many places where you are stuck picking from a small menu of options, The Complete Basketcase allows you to have a wide range of items to choose from when creating corporate Christmas hampers.
You will be able to pick from wines and beers, teas and coffees, and cookies to fruits and crackers or cheeses. Our vast selection of items allows you to create meaningful, useful gift baskets that all your employees will enjoy.
In fact, we even have items that are used with our hampers for kids, which allow you to add some items that even your employees’ children will love!
Save When You Bulk Order Corporate Christmas Hampers for the Office
No one will pass up a chance to save money. Now, you can purchase beautiful Christmas gifts for the office and save money!
The Complete Basketcase offers a discount to any company or business that is purchasing items in bulk. The more corporate Christmas gift baskets you purchase the bigger the discount! This is especially great for companies that need to purchase 100, 200, or even 1,000 or more corporate Christmas hampers.
Don’t spend hours and hours shopping for individual gifts for each and every employee at your office. Stop by The Complete Basketcase and consider getting all your corporate Christmas shopping done at once with our bulk order option for corporate Christmas gift hampers. It will take you a few minutes and everyone will have unique Christmas gifts!


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Send love and best wishes on Christmas Day

The Christmas traditions in Australia are often focused around the hot weather, so some people do things like going camping and having cold lunches. Others choose more traditional options, like full-size meals of turkey and all the trimmings. No matter what you decide to do for the Christmas holidays, there are perfect ways to celebrate the season with The Complete Basket. If you’re looking for something that will make your holidays memorable, consider Christmas gift baskets and hampers

Christmas Down Under

Celebrating Christmas Day in Australia offers a flavour all of its own. Even though it’s hot outdoors, people still go out and sing carols on Christmas Eve. They put wreaths on their front doors, and they decorate their houses and put up trees. In many ways, it’s just like Christmas throughout Europe and the United States, only it’s not cold outside. Lighting displays are sometimes very large, and there are streets where people run friendly competitions over who can put on the best display of lights. In Sydney, one street raises thousands of dollars each year by creating a beautiful display of coordinated lights and taking donations for charity.

Along with your light display, you may want to make some sweet treats to hand out to people who come to see the lights, or just to enjoy with friends and family. Cookies, cakes, Christmas puddings, and other great-tasting options are all good choices, so you can have a snack and enjoy all the beautiful lights in your neighbourhood and all around your city.

State capitals often have famous singers who come out and carol, and the carols are broadcast all throughout Australia on TV. Christmas pageants are also broadcast, and parades and festivals are common. Since it’s not snowy and cold, some of the carols are changed and Australian words are used to make the carols fit the warmer weather. Additionally, there are original Australian carols along with fireworks displays in several parks. Taking gift hampers to the park and sharing them with friends while watching the fireworks can make for a memorable evening.

Start a Hamper Tradition

You can make your own tradition by choosing a special type of Christmas gift hamper each year or selecting something that really makes it feel like the holidays to you. Maybe you could start a tradition by having each member of the family buy a Christmas hamper for each gathering on a rotating basis. The Complete Basketcase has an amazing range of Christmas gift baskets and hampers this Festive season. How about spoiling someone with a Christmas Down Under hamper. Crisp Australian wine is surrounded by delicious treats such as pure butter shortbread, Piranha crunchy vege crackers and Chocolate Grove milk chocolate coated lollies. We also have a gluten free gift hamper, so those who need gluten free options won’t be left out. Chock full of gluten free products, the Snack Attack hamper is perfect for those needing to monitor their Christmas indulgence.

No matter what kinds of Aussie traditions you want to get involved with for Christmas, you can’t go wrong with gift baskets that will bring some great food and other treats to the people you care about. Order yours today from The Complete Basketcase!

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Christmas Kris Kringle Gift ideas from The Complete Basketcase

G’day gift givers, I was chatting to a dear friend last week about preparations for Christmas and what their traditions are on the day.  So she makes the pudding a few months ahead from her Mum’s recipe and makes sure she adds coins to the mix so the guests are getting an interesting surprise in their puddings!  As the family grows the table gets bigger every year, and the oldies at one end and the younger family members at the other.  One of the traditions is a Kris Kringle, as it can be very expensive to buy for everyone, they have a maximum amount to spend on the person that they draw out of the hat.  What if you have no idea what to get them? And if you are not into walking through shopping centres at that time of year looking for a gift that you have no idea they will like, you need an online website that delivers to your door, for FREE!

Well, we have you covered, our Kris Kringle is beautifully presented and even has a Christmas Cracker inside!  Or if you have a higher budget, we have a fantastic “Create your Own” gift hamper section so you can add all the things you like to the gift, with free delivery to all over Australia, you don’t have to leave the house!

Download our Christmas Brochure for more Christmas gift ideas now

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Christmas gift hampers to family and friends

Every year we all have to organise a little something to go to our family and friends that live miles away, the hardest is if you are trying to do this from overseas.  Organising the perfect Christmas gift is so difficult when you haven’t been around to see if they have the latest book or movie they a normally into, and what on earth do you get the kids if you don’t have kids yourself or they have grown up!

Well, we have done all the work for you, we have great gift ideas for the kids that you can add onto any of our gift hampers, the big kids are normally into anything sweet, chocolate or the flavoured popcorn.  If you use our “Create your own” Gift hamper section, you will be able to pick out all their favourite goodies and extra nice things for the adults too.

If you have many gifts to send out, you can go to our online bulk order spreadsheet, you can decide on a gift, go to the corporate order page… fill in the spreadsheet and submit.  You will then receive an invoice (in AUD) you can either call us with your credit card or pay online with Paypal (go to we will handle the rest for you… too easy.  If you don’t have the time to do that, email me your list of recipients and I can help you with ideas and processing it for you.

Remember, we are here to help, our customer service team are available 9am to 4.30pm on 1300 933733 and if you are overseas, call +61247225656.

Remember, don’t get stressed over Christmas, its meant to be a fun and exciting time for us all and gift giving can be easy, with free delivery and discounts for large orders.

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With Deepest Sympathy Gift Hampers

Sometimes we have to organise gifts for incredibly sad occasions, this we do with professionalism and extra care to ensure that the recipient does not go through any further stress.  Sympathy gifts are a great idea, much better than flowers as they have real thought behind your best wishes.  If they are having people over to the home to grieve, some nice biscuits, chocolates or even a bottle of wine to relieve the stress of what they are going through are always received with thanks and gratitude.

If you love quotes that help you through the tough times, our “In Loving Memory” book is not only filled with beautiful quotes, the book is a gorgeous keep sake that covered with chocolate coloured material with silver embossing that looking stunning.  A gift that will always be remembered and cherished by your recipient.

To Live in hearts we leave behind is not to die – Thomas Campbell

The hardest thing for us is to see our friends and colleagues go through intense grief and what to do or say can be daunting, as let us help you organise the perfect gift for your recipient, and we will ensure that it’s delivered to them in a timely manner.  We always consider the following before sending out your gift: the funeral, if they will be staying with family or friends, and what type of goodies to put in the gift.  Then we can help you write the gift card, as often, we can’t even find the right words to express the feeling overflowing in our hearts.

So let the Complete Basketcase help you organise a Sympathy gift that will be received knowing your love has gone with it….




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Gift hampers delivered today…

G’day gift givers, thought I would write a little bit about the day I’ve had so far.  Well, I have sent a gift to the Royal Children’s Hospital in Parkville for a very sick little girl from country Victoria, her Mum and Dad are staying close to the hospital and thoughtful friends have organised a beautiful fruit gift basket with nibbles, cheese and a bottle of wine for the evening.

I have had a few Happy Birthday gift hampers with wine, champagne, chocolate and beers being delivered to the Melbourne metro area.  I don’t know about you, but the year has raced by and birthdays sneak up on you, so don’t forget we deliver same day if you need an urgent delivery.

The gorgeous baby gift boxes that we have for newborns have been shipped out with practical and good quality items for their new bundle of joy, and sometimes our customers remember Mum and Dad with pampering for Mum and chocolate & wine for Dad!

Hope you have a special day…

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